Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You


I came upon a writing prompt the other day that suggested coming up with a list of questions to answer about your characters. Um, brilliant. So I did just that. Or, well, I have sincere intentions of doing just that anyway (totally counts, right?). But I did begin to compile the questions at any rate, which means I’m going to give myself a boatload of credit.


  1. What did you do on your last day off?
  2. Most attractive quality in a partner.
  3. How do you feel about social media?
  4. How much do you typically spend when you go shopping for clothes? Can you define your sense of style? Where do you go?
  5. Worst high school memory.
  6. Last time you cried.
  7. Animal lover?
  8. Choice of vacation destination. Elaborate.
  9. Describe your kitchen. What’s in your fridge? Are there many appliances on the counters? Dirty dishes in the sink?
  10. How did your parents meet? What is their relationship with one another now?
  11. What role did religion play in your upbringing? Currently?
  12. Can you point to someone who has been a role model to you at any point in your life?
  13. What is your sleep schedule?
  14. How would you describe your style of discipline? (employees, younger siblings, children, pets, etc.)?
  15. How comfortable are you with current technology?
  16. What is one of your vices? Does it make you feel guilty?
  17. Do you consider yourself very knowledgeable about something that doesn’t have to do with your line of work? (hip-hop, penny stocks, microbrews, baseball stats, bird calls?)
  18. Do you prefer to type or hand write?
  19. Are you comfortable around kids? Do you spend much time with any?
  20. How much time do you typically spend at your home?